Whether you are volunteering by helping your local community set up a food bank or responding to local and international disasters, there is a project or activity to suit everyone. By volunteering with Rotary, you know that you will be changing people’s lives for the better.


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Support your community in the Blandford area by joining the Rotary Club of Blandford and enjoy the benefits of the Rotary fellowship. We have a membership plan to suit everyone: young, old, working and retired, and those too busy to attend meetings.

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Please donate to the Rotary Club of Blandford’s Benevolent Fund to help us support local good causes. Every pound you donate will be used to provide operational support for good causes in the Blandford area.


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Contact Information

For general enquiries, contact Secretary Nigel Wright: [email protected]

To volunteer, help with a project or ask about membership, contact Nic Nicol: [email protected]

Facebook Groups

Blandford Rotary Short Story & Poetry Competition 2021

The Rotary Club of Blandford’s Short Story and Poetry Competition aims to provide a platform for writers of all ages, wherever they live, to open the door into that secret garden where anything is possible and tell what they see, feel and experience. We offer substantial cash prizes and, for the winners of the Open Fiction and Poetry categories, their names inscribed on the handsome cups provided by the Mayor of Blandford Forum Town Council and Lesley Shand Funeral Service, respectively. There are categories also for Under-18s and the ever-popular Flash Fiction. Our judges are established figures in Creative Writing and Poetry.

Rotary District 1110 News group

Our aim is to bring together all the clubs in District 1110 using Facebook as a portal for discussions and information both from club to club, giving details of events etc, and for club members to discuss with District any matters that may arise that are better detailed in a public arena rather than an email, and for District to respond to meet the needs of the clubs.